KPU Design Elements

KPU's design ideas, these are the perspectives given to designers by Fuxing.

KPU is a kind of polyurethane, which can be simply called plastic.
PU is the abbreviation of Polyurethane, the Chinese name is polyurethane for short. Because, only need to simply modify the formula, you can get different physical properties such as density, elasticity, rigidity. At present, it has largely replaced glass fiber insulation materials, wood, and traditional rubber products. PU is divided into CPU (Pouring Polyurethane Elastomer) and TPU.

Traditional shoe upper materials require some beautiful pattern decoration, need to sew, and the process is more complicated. The KPU upper only needs to be pressed and formed in one simple step, which greatly reduces the cost of the enterprise. With KPU upper

The shoes are also light, so the weight of the shoes is also reduced, so that it becomes a truly lightweight road shoes.

Many sports shoes will become very hard in winter, and the KPU upper has strong weather resistance, and it will not be affected by the weather in cold weather, so it is also very popular in the northern climate.
The biggest advantage of KPU shoe material lies in his folding resistance, and sports shoes are the most tested shoes folding resistance. Many shoes have lost their performance in 30,000 to 40,000 folding times, and KPU materials have been tested for folding resistance up to 200,000.
From sports uppers to leisure, the development of KPU uppers has also become a new design trend.